Class JasperServer::ReportRequest
In: lib/jasper_server/report_request.rb
Parent: Object

Represents a request for a report, to be sent to the JasperServer via the JasperServer::Client.



output_format  [RW] 
report_params  [RW] 
report_unit  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Converts the given Time into a timestamp integer acceptable by JasperServer. The timezone adjustment is performed (converted to UTC).

The request consists of three arguments:

report_unit :The path on the JasperServer to the "report unit" (i.e. a bundle consisting of the JRXML file and other resources used in the report). E.g.: /example/my-report
output_format :The desired output format. E.g.: PDF, CSV, HTML, etc.
report_params :Hash of parameters to be fed into the report. The client will take care of performing the appropriate type conversions (for example, Time values are turned into integer timestamps and are automatically adjusted for timezone). E.g. { ‘fruit’ => "Apple", ‘date’ =>}